The North American Hockey League (NAHL) offers junior hockey players the opportunity to develop, learn, train, grow, and find success, while playing for free. The NAHL is unique in the fact that a vast majority of players begin their NAHL careers without an NCAA opportunity, but earn one through the course of their development within this “League of Opportunity”.

Current and Former Brahmas Recruited Via Pre-Draft Camps:
Beau Kralovec – Chicago 2022/NA Draft 2022
Henry McRoberts – Chicago 2022 / Made team as Free Agent
Ben Zimmerman – Chicago 2021/ NA Tender 2021
Nolan Grier – Chicago 2021 / NA Draft 2021
Cole Beilke – Chicago 2019 / NA Draft 2019
Dylan Smith – Chicago 2019 / Made team as Free Agent
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