Brahmas Take on NHL Rookie Camps


Best of luck to all the Brahmas out there chasing their dream in NHL Rookie Camps this summer!

The Brahmas have been known for a long time for their ability to produce great goaltenders. The Brahma goaltenders continue to make their mark this summer as goaltender, Ludvig Persson, will be attending the Blackhawk’s camp. Goaltender Seth Eisele will be down in the desert with the Arizona Coyotes and last but not least, former 4th round pick and Brahmas goaltending legend, Mitchel Gibson, is with the Capitals.

Forward’s from the Brahmas are representing in the NHL Rookie camps as well this summer. AJ Venderbeck is up north in motor city with the Red Wings, and forward Quinn Emerson is in Los Angeles with the Kings. Forward Ture Linden will be heading to Panther Country in Jacksonville.

The most recent Brahma to attend a rookie camp is none other than King Arthur Smith who is in South Florida with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Good luck gentlemen, remember to play like a Brahma every day!