Meet the Billets: Sharla and Steve Belcher

Throughout our years in the NAHL, the Brahmas organization would not be able to function without our billet families, giving our players a home while they develop as athletes. Each week, we will be highlighting one of our wonderful billet families to recognize the hard work and support they give to our team each season. Join us in celebrating the unsung heroes of junior hockey. 

Name: The Belcher Family

City: North Richland Hills

How long have you been a billet?

7 seasons.

Why did you become a billet?

Thought it would be a neat experience and it has been.

Do you have a favorite billeting memory?

Yes, taking one of our players from Sweden to the Fort Worth Rodeo – now that was fun!

What is your favorite part of the billeting experience?

Getting to know these young men and making memories and keeping in touch with them.

If you’ve been a billet for multiple seasons, do you still keep in contact with previous billet players?

Yes–in fact, one from several years ago came over to our house to visit a couple of weeks ago!

Do you have any advice for billet parents?

Set your ground rules upfront and you will be fine.

If you could say something to a family on the fence about billeting, what would you say?

DO IT – it is a lot of fun and good memories!

If you’d like more information about becoming a billet, please visit or email our billet coordinator, Sydney Johnson, at