Meet the billets: Michelle and Michael Small

Throughout our years in the NAHL, the Brahmas organization would not be able to function without our billet families, giving our players a home while they develop as athletes. Each week, we will be highlighting one of our wonderful billet families to recognize the hard work and support they give to our team each season. Join us in celebrating the unsung heroes of junior hockey. 

Name: The Small Family

City: Fort Worth

How long have you been a billet?

3+ seasons.

Why did you become a billet?

We love the Junior Hockey program and love to be a part of these incredible young men’s lives.

Do you have a favorite billeting memory?

One of my favorite memories happened this season. All of my billet sons, including previous sons, ALL contacted me in some way on Mother’s Day. Even my son over in Germany! They have no idea how that made me feel. My heart was just bursting. Another just happened this week. One of my previous boys texted me, he stated he needed a Zoom meeting with me TODAY like RIGHT NOW. I said let me stop what I’m doing and I will let you know. We got on Zoom (thank heavens for Covid, we have Zoom!) We got on and a little small talk occurred then I asked what was so important he had to talk with me right then. He goes, my girlfriend just arrived today and I wanted you to meet her. I am that important in his life he wanted me to meet his girlfriend! My mom heart is just full!

What is your favorite part of the billeting experience?

Getting to be a part of these young men’s lives and see how they grow in just a season when you have them. And the contact after they leave the team and move on is worth it.

If you’ve been a billet for multiple seasons, do you still keep in contact with previous billet players?


Do you have any advice for billet parents?

Set your standards and expectations from the first contact. Make sure they understand communication is the easiest way to solve any problem.

If you could say something to a family on the fence about billeting, what would you say?

It is incredible if you have the room and the heart to be with these boys. They not only are your “player” — they are family and you will have that connection forever.

If you’d like more information about becoming a billet, please visit or email our billet coordinator, Sydney Johnson, at