Nominate NYTEX Now

We need your help.   We need you to go to and nominate the NYTEX Sports Centre in the Kraft Hockeyville competition.   What is Kraft Hockeyville?   Well, it's a contest that Kraft hosts every year where the winning rink gets $150,000 in arena upgrades AND gets to host an NHL pre season game.   The contest was for Canadian rinks, but this year they are expanding south of the border to the US.  Here is a short video Nick created that will explain a little bit more of the process and what this is all about.

Essentially there are two phases to this competition, phase one (which we are in now) is gathering nominations.   The top five rinks (based on # of nominations through the hockeyville sight) will then compete in phase 2.   Phase two is voting, the world will vote on which rink should win.   We obviously need to go as hard as humanly possible and leave no stone unturned to get to phase 2.   Forward the above youtube video Nick made to everyone you know.  Send it to people you don't know too, blast this out and lets gather as many nominations as we can.  Imagine the Stars playing a pre season game inside our barn.   It would be epic, not to mention the upgrades we would receive as part of winning.   Here is what Dundas Ontario's rink looked like when they won this contest and hosted the Senators vs Sabres a few years back: