NAHL releases new video: Character

FRISCO, TEXAS – The North American Hockey League (NAHL) is pleased to present another NAHL TV exclusive video entitled ‘Character.’ This is the third video released by the NAHL in the past year and is a follow up to the successful ‘Everyone’s Watching’ video that was released before the start of the 2013-14 season.

Watch the new ‘Character’ video here.
“It is one thing to hear it from us, because we see the benefits of what the NAHL provides its athletes on a daily basis, but it is another to hear it directly from NCAA Division I coaches,” said NAHL Commissioner Mark Frankenfeld. “The proof is in the pudding and in this instance the proof is the direct testimonials from coaches of NCAA Division I programs, who constantly attend our events and who had some very encouraging things to say about players they get from the NAHL and the impact they are having on their programs, both on and off the ice.”
‘Character’ takes an in-depth look as to why NAHL players are constantly thought of as some of the best fits for NCAA Division I programs across the country. Each NCAA Division I coach that was interviewed shared a common theme of NAHL players having a high amount of character, players that work hard for the opportunity to play college hockey, players that can step into the college hockey environment and contribute right away and players that are well-coached during their time spent playing in the NAHL. Footage and interviews for the video were taken at the 2014 NAHL Top Prospects Tournament in Troy, Michigan by videographer Matt Thiessen.

To date, over 160 NAHL players have made an NCAA commitment during the 2013-14 season, with the number continuing to increase daily.
“If you look at the success of our team over the past 10-15 years, we have had some really good players come from the NAHL,” said Ferris State Assistant Coach Drew Famulak. “We had had some kids out of the NAHL that are very highly skilled, committed to what we want to do as a team and take hockey very seriously. They have also been exposed to some of the best coaching in the country, which is satisfying for us knowing they can step in and contribute right away.”
“Players we get from the NAHL are hungry. They work hard, they are well coached and are leaders on the team and in the community,” remarked Penn State Assistant Coach Keith Fisher. “All they want is an opportunity to come in and prove themselves. I really like the players we have from the NAHL and they are great to coach.”
Robert Morris University Head Coach Derek Schooley said that players that come from the NAHL are well rounded and ready for the challenge of the college environment. “These guys are on the ice everyday, are well coached and have a lot of experience playing junior hockey in some tough environments. They are doing the extra work in the weight room and in the classroom in addition to their extensive on ice schedule, so you know you are getting someone who is battle-tested and can handle the rigors of an NCAA Division I schedule.”
“The NAHL and the players we have recruited from the league have been imperative to our success the last couple of years. There is a level of preparedness that NAHL players have to come in an attack and juggle the demanding schedule that we have,” said UMass-Lowell Assistant Coach Cam Ellsworth, who himself is a graduate of the NAHL and was a member of the All-NAHL 1st Team during the 2000-01 season. “The players arrive as men and can met the athletic and academic demands that we place on them.”
Maybe no one knows or enjoys the benefit of NAHL players more than Air Force Head Coach Frank Serratore, who had more NAHL graduates on his team this past season than any other NCAA Division I program. “We like the NAHL because of the maturity of the players. If you want an opportunity or chance to become a hockey player you can come to the NAHL and succeed. I like what the NAHL does for young men… it is the league of opportunity,” said Serratore. “I sent my boy to play in the NAHL and they sent me back a man.”